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  • 29 de Abril

    09h:00m-13h:30m Registration
    Main Auditorium Chemistry Auditorium
    13h:40m Opening Ceremony
    13h:50m IL1 - Sensing and making sense of temperature and molecules at the nanoscale(30+10)
    João Rocha

    Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry
    14h:30m IL2 - Boron based dynamic bonding: an emerging tool for bioconjugation (30+10)
    Pedro Góis
    IL3 - From Molecules to Man: Molecular Imaging as a Translational Tool in Biomedical Research
    Miguel Castelo-Branco/Antero Abrunhosa
    15h:10m OC1 - Enzymes – An attractive tool to obtain enantiomeric pure sec-alcohols
    Monteiro, C. M., Lourenço, N. M. T., Afonso, C. A. M.
    OC2 - Spiropyrazoline oxindoles: A new class of compounds with potential anticancer activity
    Ângelo Monteiro, Lídia M. Gonçaves and Maria M. M. Santos
    15h:30m OC3 - Sustainable Tandem Reactions Involving Hydroformylation
    Ana R. Almeida, Artur R. Abreu, Pedro M. P. Gois, J. C. Bayón and Mariette M. Pereira
    OC4 - Synthesis and biological evaluation of spiroisoxazoline oxindoles as anticancer agents
    Ribeiro C. J. A., Amaral J. D., Rodrigues C. M. P., Moreira R., and Santos M. M. M.
    15h:50m OC5 - Straightforward synthesis to pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine-2,4-diones and their ADME properties
    Martyna Jatczak, Koen Muylaert, Janneke Keemink, Benjamin Wuyts, Patrick Augustijns, Christian V. Stevens
    OC6 - Computational Study of G2 Checkpoint Protein Kinases-Inhibitor Complexes
    Pedro M. M. Araújo, Luís Pinto da Silva and Joaquim C.G. Esteves da Silva
    16h:10m Coffee break + Poster session (P1-P43)
    17h:30m OC7 - An efficient synthetic route towards new antimicrobial deoxy sugars with anti-ageing potential - assessing the importance of configuration and deoxygenation pattern
    Catarina Dias, Tobias Lange, Amélia P. Rauter
    OC8 - Targeting the erythrocytic and liver stages of malaria parasite with s-triazine-based hybrids
    Rodrigues, C. A. B., Albuquerque, I. S., Gut, J., Moreira, R.; Mota, M. M., Rosenthal, P. J., Prudêncio, M., Afonso, C.A.M.
    17h:50m OC9 - Rational Design of Novel Anti-inflammatory drugs: is COX-2 selectivity an advantage?
    Luisa C. R. Carvalho, Daniela Ribeiro, Raquel S. G. R. Seixas, Artur M. S. Silva, Eurico J. Cabrita, Eduarda Fernandes and M. Manuel B. Marques
    OC10 - Bis-alkylamine indolo[3,2-b]quinolines as hemozoin ligands: antimalarial cytostatic and cytocidal activities
    Marta Figueiras, Marta Machado, Catarina Charneira, João Lavrado, Dinora Lopes, Jiri Gut, Philip J. Rosenthal, Fátima Nogueira, Rui Moreira, Alexandra Paulo
    18h:10m OC11 - Novel Ionic Liquids as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (ILs-APIs) based on Ibuprofen and Naproxen
    Alexandra Costa, Andreia Forte, Núria Muñoz, Madalena Dionísio and Luís C. Branco
    OC12 - Tackling API solubility and stability problems by developing new multicomponent crystal forms: Azelaic acid, Nalidixic acid and Dapsone
    I. C. B. Martins, M. Martins, V. André and M. T. Duarte
    18h:30m General Assembley
    19h:30m Welcome Reception

    30 de Abril

    Main Auditorium Chemistry Auditorium
    Physical Chemistry Materials Science and New Technologies
    09h:00m IL4 - Charging redox flow batteries using the sunlight
    Adélio Mendes
    09h:40m IL5 - The Molecules of Colour
    J. Sérgio Seixas de Melo
    IL6 - Novel nanostructured conducting materials for application to electrochemical sensing and biosensing
    Christopher Brett
    10h:20m OC13 - Luminescent supramolecular hydrogen-bonded frameworks
    Samuel Guieu, João Rocha and Artur M. S. Silva
    OC14 - Bipyridinium salts as reversible electrochromic materials
    Noémi Jordão, Luis Cabrita, Hugo Cruz, Fernando Pina and Luís C. Branco
    10h:40m OC15 - Fenton-like oxidation of small aromatic acids from biomass burning in water and in the absence of light: implications for atmospheric chemistry
    Patrícia S.M. Santos, Armando C. Duarte
    OC16 - Effect of the microstructure of the polymeric matrix on performance of PDLC devices
    Ana Mouquinho, João Sotomayor
    11h:00m Coffee break
    11h:30m OC17 - Study of the Photostability of UV-filters 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor and Octocrylene in Chlorinated Water
    Mariana M. de Oliveira e Sá, Margarida S. Miranda and Joaquim C.G. Esteves da Silva
    OC18 - Insights into the world of pharmaceuticals using mechanochemistry: Polymorphs, co-crystals and bio-inspired metal organic frameworks
    V. André, S.Quaresma, M. Martins and M.T. Duarte
    11h:50m OC19 - Role of the Base and Control of Selectivity in the Suzuki–Miyaura Cross–Coupling Reaction
    Carlos F. R. A. C. Lima, Ana S. M. C. Rodrigues, Vera L. M. Silva, Artur M. S. Silva and Luís M. N. B.
    OC20 - Phosphorescent wood oil
    Diana M. Crista, Maria C. Mendonça and Joaquim Esteves da Silva
    12h:10m OC21 - Insights on the Nanostructuration of Ionic Liquids by Infrared Spectroscopy
    Inês C. M. Vaz, Marisa A. A. Rocha, Luís M. N. B. F. Santos
    OC22 - Silica-bound sulfonic acid catalysts for esterification reactions
    Mohamed M. Aboelhassan, Andreia F. Peixoto and Cristina Freire
    12h:30m OC23 - Chemistry in the e-lab: a new wave (vídeo) - PDF
    Sérgio Leal, João P. Leal
    OC24 Two-Photon Activated 3D Data Storage
    Inês F. A. Mariz, Catarina A. B. Rodrigues, Ermelinda M. S. Maçôas, Filipa Siopa, Carlos Afonso and José M. G. Martinho
    12h:50m Lunch
    14h:30m Social Programme
    16h:30m Coffee Break + Poster Session (P44-P91)
    20h:00m Conference Dinner

    1 de Maio

    Main Auditorium Chemistry Auditorium
    Biophysics and Biological Chemistry Analytical Chemistry
    09h:30m IL7 - The Cellulosome: a multienzymatic and dynamic machine for the degradation of cellulose
    Maria João Romão
    FCT /UNL
    IL8 (30+10)
    Elvira Fortunato
    FCT /UNL
    10h:10m PL1 - Can structures lead to improved therapeutics?”
    Ada Yonath
    Weizmann Institute of Science, Jerusalem
    11h:10m Coffee break
    11h:20m OC25 - Physiological Ca2+ concentrations induce PI(4,5)P2 clustering and have an impact in PI(4,5)P2 partition properties
    M.J. Sarmento, M.E. Monteiro, A. Coutinho, M. Prieto, F. Fernandes
    OC26 - Biosorbents for the removal of mercury, cadmium and lead from salt waters
    Paula Figueira, Cláudia B.Lopes, Bruno Henriques, Luciana S. Rocha, Ana T. Reis, Miguel A. Pardal, J.A. Borges, Armando C. Duarte and Eduarda Pereira
    11h:40m OC27 - Computational studies on the catalytic mechanism of human Heparan Sulfate 3-O-sulfotransferase in light of the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 infection.
    Rui P. Sousa, Pedro A. Fernandes, Maria J. Ramos, Natércia F. Brás
    OC28 - How many people contribute to Chemistry in the University of Coimbra? A comparison with other Portuguese and foreign (MIT, Lund) universities
    Tânia F. Cova, Susana Jarmelo, Sérgio Seixas de Melo and Alberto A.C.C. Pais
    12h:00m PL2 - The revolution of Personalized Medicine: Are we going to cure all diseases and at what price?
    Aaron Ciechanover
    Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
    13h:00m Lunch
    14h:15m Solchemar – Excellence in Sustainable Chemistry Session sponsored by SOLCHEMAR
    15h:45m Closing session with PYCA

    Solchemar Session Program