The Group of Young Chemists (GQJ) of the Portuguese Society of Chemistry (SPQ) presents as its main mission the dissemination of scientific knowledge produced by young researchers working in Portugal and abroad, as well as the establishment of networks that promotes the exchange of ideas and relations between researchers.

This mission culminates in a biennial scientific conference, which has revealed remarkable growth, both in the number of participants and the scientific excellence presented. The previous editions of the PYCheM in Lisbon (2008), Aveiro (2010) and Porto (2012) have confirmed and extended the primary mission and values of the GQJ.

This spirit inspires the organizing committee of the 4th PYCheM to further endeavors in promoting the link between basic research and its applicability to industrial practice, offering new opportunities for discussion. Consequently, the 4th PYCheM will have the honor of receiving the Nobel laureates Dr. Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004 and Dr.a Ada Yonath, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009. Additionally, the 4th PYCheM will present courses targeting relevant laboratory techniques and will be attended by young researchers describing the processes of international scientific funding.